Email workflow in Caspita: Unread is your new inbox

Email workflow in Caspita: Unread is your new inbox

How to reach Inbox Zero

Here's how it works.

You receive a desktop notification that you have a new email. You open your new email now located in your Unread box and read it.  At that point you can do one of three things: reply immediately, snooze it, or do nothing.

Some emails take a little more effort to respond to than others because you need time to do research before answering. That's where the snooze button comes in. It allows you to put the email aside to think about it without it getting lost in the clutter of your inbox. If you snooze an email, you can find it later in the Snoozed folder when you're ready to reply.

If you do nothing, it will disappear from the Unread box, but you will always be able to retrieve it in the All folder if you need to, where it is permanently archived.  If you reply immediately it will be filed in the Sent folder. In all cases, your email gets archived and removed from the Unread box automatically.  The Unread folder is your new Inbox! Only unread emails will wait for you there. You have reached Inbox Zero with zero effort!