Caspita for a better Gmail experience

Caspita is a new and improved Gmail interface. It follows your mental process in handling emails. You read them, reply to some, delete others and snooze those for which you need time to answer. In Caspita your emails are subdivided in unread, sent and snoozed. No more inbox full of left over emails mixed with unanswered emails. In addition there is an archive box where everything is safely stored.


Inbox Zero is within your reach

In Caspita your Unread box is your new default inbox, where all incoming emails are displayed. So reaching inbox Zero is as simple as read, reply or snooze all your emails and you are done! Your default inbox is empty.


Find anything by filtering your emails

Use the convenient filter icon, located to the right of the All button, to refine your search by applying Gmail built-in filters like Important or Starred, or your own defined filters, to an already sorted group of emails, like Unread or Snoozed. 


Read, Reply, Done!

Read and respond to emails right in Chrome alongside your work, without ever opening Gmail. Not ready to answer yet? Just snooze it. The email is removed from your Unread box and park into your Snoozed folder. 

Your inbox is kept clean and it makes you feel good because you have email under control.


Gmail Desktop Notification

Get instant desktop notifications for all your Gmail accounts without opening your inbox. 



Want to handle emails from all your Gmail accounts in one window?  Click the + icon to add more accounts to Caspita and you will answer all your emails from a single browser tab without the need to login to separate Gmail accounts.